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Cheap Broadband Internet - Budget Dialup

 Cheap Broadband Internet

Key Benefits

  • Inexpensive. Save over 50%.
  • Works just like a prepaid calling card-buy some time, use it up whenever you'd like, and buy more when you need it.
  • No advertisements.
  • Free email account with anti-spam protection.
  • Cheap Broadband Internet
  • Friendly, 24/7 toll-free technical support-answered by a person, not a machine.
  • Easy-to-use software to help you get connected and manage your account.

Budget Dialup provides cheap broadband internet access to consumers and businesses across the US, allowing them to access the Internet with the ease and simplicity of prepayment. We use proprietary connection software designed to make connecting to the Internet extremely easy. And with our world-class 24/7 customer support system, we can fully satisfy customers' needs efficiently and professionally. Budget Dialup uses the same network used by the top ten ISPs in the country-ensuring 93% of the US population can efficiently connect to the Internet.

Budget Dialup is the ultimate cheap broadband internet provider. Our rates are less than half of the industry standard, giving you easy access nationwide at a fraction of the price. And to make things even better, we put you in control of how much you spend, so there's no subscription and no monthly credit card drain.

Based on using 20 hours a month, our customers pay only $6.95, compared to $24.95 for AOL's fixed rate. And if you look at the cost over a full year, that's a savings of $216.00!

Our plans work just like a prepaid calling card, buy some time, use it up whenever you'd like, and buy more when you need it. Prepaid cheap broadband internet ensures you're safe from the expensive commitments of subscription services.

You save by not paying for all of those unused minutes that come with subscription ISPs. Rather than paying a flat rate for "unlimited access" (which actually is limited, if you check the fine print), you purchase only the time you need. If you're buying our hourly plans, unused time rolls over month-to-month. And if you choose our 30-day plan, you're getting a huge amount of access time at a great discount rate.

With Prepaid Internet, you buy time when you want to, not on a regular schedule. Subscription ISPs love monthly billing, since they know you'll never use all of that time. We take a more commonsense approach, knowing that you'd prefer to only pay for the time you use. So there's no monthly bill—just buy time when you need it. And there's no need to cancel—simply let your time expire.

- 24/7 customer support
- 56k, V.90, V.92
- One free email account
- No busy signals
- No advertisements, no spam
- Cheap Broadband Internet

We use the same network as the top subscription ISPs in the country. Our access numbers cover 93% of the US population, with a toll-free 800 number available just in case.

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