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*Look in Zone C for Toll-Free Access in the USA and Canada.

Zone A U.S. 48 & Canada Available Minutes

48 U.S. States

600 minutes
(1 cent/minute)

Zone B Extended U.S. Available Minutes

Puerto Rico
Virgin Islands

300 minutes
(2 cents/minute)

Zone C Toll-Free & International Available Minutes

Toll-free from 50 U.S. States
Toll-free from Canada
Toll-free from Puerto Rico
Toll-free from Virgin Islands

South America

100 minutes
(6 cents/minute)

Zone D International Available Minutes

South America

50 minutes
(12 cents/minute)

With Budget Dialup you purchase Internet access time as you need it. It works just like prepaid calling cards—buy some time, use it up as quickly or slowly as you'd like, and buy more when you need it. There's no commitment or monthly bills. Just pay-as-you go.

Each Plan Includes
- Your choice of easy-to-use software or step-by-step setup instructions.
- Free email account with anti-spam protection.
- Online access to manage your account and add time.

* Monthly plan use is limited to 120 hours over a 30-day period.

Our rates are less than half of the industry standard, ensuring you'll always save a bundle.

Based on using 20 hours a month, our customers pay only $9.95, compared to $24.95 for AOL!

Budget Dialup provides local access numbers in over 78 countries. You can experience the benefits of Prepaid Internet across the globe!

Managing employees on the road has never been easier. Or less expensive. Learn more ...

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