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An access number is the phone number that your computer dials to connect to the Internet. We have local access numbers in the U.S., Canada, and across the globe. Use one of the forms below to search for an access number now. To download a text file of all of our access numbers for off-line use click download.

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Determining if an Access Number is Local
Access numbers work exactly the same way as any other number you dial on the telephone. If you use a long distance access number then your phone company or the hotel operator will bill you for the call the same way they would for any other long distance phone call. Only your local phone company or the hotel operator can tell you whether an access number is local to your calling area.

If we do not have an access number that is local for your area, you have two choices, both of which will be more expensive than a local number:

  1. Use the toll-free access number (US, US Territories & Canada)
  2. Use a long distance access number. You can use an access number that is not local, but you will incur long distance charges from you phone company.

Budget Dialup is not responsible for any telephone charges you may incur while using the service.

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