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Temporary Internet Service - Budget Dialup

 Temporary Internet Service

Budget Dialup's temporary internet service plans are also ideal for temporary Internet access, such as when you're moving offices, or waiting for your broadband connection to be established. With plans starting as low as $3.95, it's a great intermediate solution.


  • Time in the Prepaid Hourly Plans lasts one full year.
  • No need to cancel the service when you are done-just let the unused time expire.
  • Nationwide access numbers covering 93% of the US including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Temporary Internet Service
  • Budget Dialup's temporary internet service frees you from the high costs and hassles of subscription ISPs. Just buy Internet access time as you need it-it's the easy and inexpensive way to get online. And with great features like spam filtering, free 24/7 support, and our super-fast 5X Accelerator, you'll see it's the best way to get online. We're so sure you'll love it that we offer a free five-hour trial.

    Budget Dialup is the perfect temporary internet service for broadband. When cable, DSL or T-1 lines go down, it's a snap to access the Internet via dialup. There's no monthly charge for using Prepaid Internet to backup your broadband connection, since unused time rolls over month-to-month. It's a great, low-cost solution to keep you connected.

    With Prepaid Internet, you buy time when you want to, not on a regular schedule. Subscription ISPs love monthly billing, since they know you'll never use all of that time. We take a more commonsense approach, knowing that you'd prefer to only pay for the time you use. So there's no monthly bill—just buy time when you need it. And there's no need to cancel—simply let your time expire.

    - 24/7 customer support
    - 56k, V.90, V.92
    - One free email account
    - No busy signals
    - No advertisements, no spam
    - Temporary Internet Service

    We use the same network as the top subscription ISPs in the country. Our access numbers cover 93% of the US population, with a toll-free 800 number available just in case.

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